AspireCon 2022 – Ashley Antoinette Books

Welcome to AspireCon ‘22

July 21 - 25, 2022

Cancun, Mexico

Aspire Conference is a weekend motivational empowerment event founded by New York Times bestselling author, Ashley Antoinette. It is a weekend that promotes sisterhood.

With a mixture of inspirational seminars, fun, chic, and girls only turn up events, self-care workshops, and branding workshops, attendees will learn how to aspire to become the best version of themselves

That old dream that’s been sitting on the back shelf in your mind? That goal seems too big to attain? That insecurity that lives in your heart? After a weekend surrounded by phenomenal women, you will learn how to become an Aspire woman and be ready to take on the world head-on.

Your Luxury Resort Awaits...

Prepare to enjoy a fun, chic, and thrilling weekend with your favorite author at a luxurious beach resort in Cancun, Mexico. The resort location is yet to be announced to registrants only. So, don't wait! Reserve your space and get on the list before the Ash Army takes over Cancun, Mexico!

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